Rethinking IT’s Role in the Modern Organization

Alignment Between Technology and Business Teams

SAP Best Practices in Business and IT

Getting the business team and IT people speaking the same language is like trying to hold a conversation in the Tower of Babel. All too often, organizations struggle to get their people to understand IT’s very crucial role. The same holds true for technical experts: it’s easy enough to lose sight that for most companies, technology is a business enabler, not an end in itself. 

Suffice to say that the divergent points of view make things more than a little challenging. We wouldn’t buy new machinery or warehouse space without a potentially strong ROI; conversely, we shouldn’t invest in technology solutions without clarity on the business problem it solves. Too often, business leaders sometimes don’t recognize the value that newer technology solutions and a properly aligned IT organization can deliver. 

Despite all the discussion of “data as an asset,” technology initiatives often struggle for funding in favor of physical assets. Companies that foster a culture where IT is laser-focused on business alignment are poised for greater success in the increasingly digital world. Unlike their counterparts in a traditional organizational structure, which tends to promote siloes that keep most of the IT group out of the loop, the alignment of business and IT drives greater business value. 

At a time when there is often a tug-of-war between finance and operations, why is this business-focused technology mindset so important to promote within our companies? What are the side effects of a siloed, mis-aligned IT strategy, and how might we rethink teams to better serve our businesses into the future? 


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