Leverage the Digital Supply Chain

Imagine. A Frictionless, Connected, Agile Supply Chain.

Agile Supply Chain

Become the Intelligent Enterprise

Imagine. A frictionless, connected, agile supply chain. It’s responsive, real-time, reliable, and predictable. It’s transparent, trustworthy, and integrated. The Intelligent Enterprise is just that, the ultimate data-driven organization, digitized through integrated systems and empowered to change paradigms. SAP defines the Intelligent Enterprise as one that leverages data assets to achieve desired outcomes faster and with less risk, by enabling employees through process automation, anticipating and proactively responding to customer needs, and enabling new business models and revenue streams. With the Intelligent Enterprise, access to data is faster and more insightful than ever, driving businesses better than previously possible.

We all know the disruptive reality of today. Whether to survive, to compete, or to create a market, companies are changing their business models. An old industry air compressor equipment manufacturer now sells compressed air as a service. Adidas is transforming the supply chain by co-innovating with customers, enabling them to design their own shoes with a 24-hour turnaround time. As part of these business evolutions, these companies changed what they sell, who they sell too, and how. It changed their processes, their partnerships, and their people. In essence, their whole supply chain was transformed. And it has changed their competitive landscape.

Leveraging the digital supply chain is not just about installing software. It is about making a commitment to your business by adopting the right business model to capitalize  from the investment. It requires shifting the supply chain, leaning-out the operational process, and streamlining procurement. It means clearing your path to maturity in order to make the right  technology infrastructure investments, maintain effective data rules and governance to create a single source of truth, and keep promises to your customers and partners. And perhaps last, but not least, creating an environment which drives organizational trust and teamwork. How is your company leveraging the Intelligent Enterprise to disrupt your market?


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