What Do You Do When You Find Out Your Supply Chain Wasn’t Resilient Enough

Adjust, Evolve & Mature Your Supply Chain For The Future

What to do when your supply chain is disrupted?

Is Your Business Using SAP as a Tool or an Asset?

If the Pandemic has given us anything - besides the heart-breaking human toll and sacrifice of frontline workers - it is clarity on the critical role supply chains play. We all depend on supply chains to get us what we need, when we need it. The supply chain’s “status” has been risen and is truly the unlikely heroes of the world and the indispensable link to both commercial success and benevolent good. This pandemic has shined a light on the importance and criticality of the supply chain and on the components that need to be in place to keep businesses running.

Experience has shown us that more than 90% of businesses that run sophisticated ERP software systems, like SAP, are still dependent on spreadsheets as various sources of truth. As a result, they give up on organizational agility and replace it with individual flexibility.

During this time of desperation, we find these to be the some of the most important components that help keep the supply chain running: CASH. AGILITY. TRUST. HUMAN.

It comes to no surprise that during this time of crisis people are shocked that supply chains have become stressed and strained. This would raise the question, “Have they just become complacent and comfortable with mediocre performance; content with just being, “good enough”?”.  See what it takes to keep your Supply Chain running.


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