S/4HANA vs. ECC Future-Proof Your Business for the Digital Age

What Is Different In S4HANA vs ECC?

Rethinking Your Future With SAP

Imagine, if you will, a platform that future-proofs business by enabling us to use more of the latest and greatest intelligent technologies – the Internet of Things (loT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, cloud integration, big data management and customer experience – and bring them together. 

Not in our wildest dreams could we have anticipated such a giant leap forward in platforms at the turn of this century. But as the demand for quicker and more accurate data grew exponentially, we increasingly demanded such a solution – and wouldn’t you know it, SAP had always been a step ahead of us. Paraphrasing the famed science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s future. Now that future is here, ready for us to seize its promises. 

S/4HANA represents a technology shift for the industry that has been 25 years in the making. In the early ‘90s, companies began moving from mainframe computing systems to client server environments, fueled by the explosion of the Internet and the corresponding need for a Y2K solution. Then, in 2015, the company announced SAP S/4HANA, marking the next generation of SAP ERP software, powered by a shift from in-house client-server technologies to digital technologies. By incorporating cloud and mobile enablement, it was transformative. 

This white paper is the first of a series we're going to explore the differences are between S4/HANA v ECC in the areas of Enterprise Structure, Demand & Supply Planning, Production Planning, Procurement and more.


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