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SAP Continues Accelerated Innovation

SAP IBP with Their Q4 Version 1711 Release


SAP’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution is a cloud-based real-time supply chain planning solution powered by SAP Hana in-memory technology.  SAP IBP is one of SAP’s best examples of continuous innovation delivery of cloud-based solutions with quarterly releases that cover:

In November, SAP released SAP IBP version 1711. The release included a new S&OP Process Modelling app, Shelf Life visibility, and support for the integration of POS data along with other key features.The first quarter 2018 release (SAP IBP version 1802) is scheduled to include Demand Driven MRP planning support in Inventory Optimization and Forecast Commit with SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNC).

SAP Cloud solutions provide a platform that allows you to receive continuous innovation from SAP without the traditional barriers imposed by on-premise software delivery. SAP’s approach to integration will enable you to maintain your on-premise ERP implementation while adding cloud solutions that smoothly integrate with your on-premise ERP data.

To understand all of the innovations delivered with SAP IBP version 1711. To get a detailed overview of SAP Integrated Business Planning, I recommend you start with the SAP IBP mai n page. If you are considering a move to SAP IBP or SAP S/4HANA, be sure to check out Martin Rowan’s webinar, “Are you truly prepared for S/4? What will it take for your supply chain to be ready?”.

Contact Reveal if you need additional information or assistance on moving your system to SAP IBP or SAP S/4HANA call 630-571-1730.


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