Reveal has appeared in leading industry publications. Learn more about what we do and how we do it.

Reveal has been featured in many leading supply chain industry publications.
Read to learn more about our approach and how we have successfully helped clients transform their supply chains.


Pro Bono Assistance for Urgent Supply Chain Issues

Reveal USA, a leading global supply chain optimization firm, is volunteering its supply chain and SAP-centric expertise to answer questions and provide advice on how best to tackle the short-term struggles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chains struggling to maintain operations, deal with demand swings, overcome raw material supply shortages, manage shipping delays, plan…

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Transforming Digital Supply Chain

Transforming the Digital Supply Chain

Much like the Industry 4.0 movement has already started to reshape the manufacturing sector, a confluence of technologies has hit the digital supply chain management (SCM) market that demand action and deployment to stay competitive and relevant. These technologies transform supply chains by collecting appropriate data, delivering it to applications based on advanced analytics, and…

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Campbell's Soup Co

Learn How Campbell’s Soup Saved $53 Million in Supply Chain Management

by Pierce Owen, VP, Research, SAPinsider How material planners can leverage standard SAP technology to achieve stability and improve their inventory turnover ratio Learn how standard SAP technology can lead to massive savings in SAP customers’ supply chains. By having harmonized master and operational data across their systems, companies can achieve a more accurate view…

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Strengthen Your Core Before You Do More

Published by: SAPInsider Before investing in additional technology to improve their supply chain, SAP customers must consider what value they currently receive from their existing SAP software. Supply chains specifically can feel the negative effects of organizations’ underutilization of the SAP capabilities available to them. This article reveals several areas where SAP customers can concentrate…

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Optimize Your Supply Chain

Supply Chains Are Key to Profitability

Strategize, Measure, and Optimize Your Supply Chain for Greater Business Value Published by SAPinsider The financial health of a business is directly affected by the efficacy of its supply chain: According to David Malenfant, Director of Texas Christian University’s Center for Supply Chain Innovation, 70% of profitability can be tied to its performance, while up…

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Southeastern Mills

Changing the Chain

Southeastern Mills’ Supply Chain Leader is Revamping the Company’s Processes Published by Supply Chain World When Southeastern Mills Supply Chain wanted a strategic partner to help them achieve greater value from their investment in SAP, Reveal proved to be a perfect fit. Reveal transforms and optimizes supply chain-oriented organizations that run SAP. Our proven methodology, ongoing…

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Digital Supply Chain

Integration Requires Collaboration

At Reveal, we spend a great deal of time touting the virtues of a truly integrated supply chain supported by the best (in our opinion) integrated supply chain ERP system available – SAP®. Too often, in searching for solutions for an ailing supply chain, people are consumed by what they do not know about the…

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Shelley Kiley Moen

Transforming SAP-Centric Supply Chains to Run Better with Shelley Kiley

Shelley Kiley, former Vice President of global supply chain planning at Moen partnered with Reveal to assist in improving the sales and operations planning process (S&OP), inventory management and master production scheduling using SAP at Moen. Shelley has been a great partner and we at Reveal wish her success on her new opportunity as SVP Operations, Supply Chain, Manufacturing at Larson-Juhl.

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Business Maturity

How SAP Software Can Be A Catalyst for Change

The first quarter 2016 issue of SAPinsider magazine featured an article by Martin Rowan that presented four ways to transform your organization to adapt to the modern supply chain. As the modern supply chain grows in diversity, how can companies tackle this complexity while becoming more mature to meet today’s supply chain challenges? Read this…

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Effective Solution of Supply Chain Management Constraints

A recent issue of CIO Review presented a vendor profile of Reveal USA. The article explains how Reveal uncovers the hidden opportunities within companies’ existing ERP systems using the Information Maturity process. ERP implementation allows companies to accelerate their success with advanced functionality. Organizations, on the contrary, are finding it hard to understand their ERP…

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Change Management

Revealing Value

In the summer 2014 edition of Supply Chain World Magazine, Reveal was highlighted for the ability to helps clients get the most out of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology. As a result, Reveal has become a key partner for companies by challenging traditional thinking and finding hidden opportunities in existing technology, people and processes.

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Transform Your Supply Chain

Transformative Times

In the Fall 2013 edition of Supply Chain World, LORD Corp. was featured in the article, “Transformative Times,” which discussed the manufacturing company’s efforts to enhance its supply chain operations. LORD Corp. engaged Reveal USA as its consultant for a SAP supply chain transformation. In adopting the Reveal methodology, LORD Corp. not only made significant…

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Hidden Business Value

Revealing the Hidden Business Value

In 2013, CIO Review Magazine listed Reveal as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Consulting Companies. They looked at hundreds of solution providers and consulting companies and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the challenges of the manufacturing industry. In their selection, CIO Review Magazine examined the vendors’…

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