Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

 - Henry Ford

SAP Solutions, How to get it right…

We believe that implementing an SAP solution alone will not solve the problem you are trying to address! Technology alone will not bring the value unless the organization adopts the technology, functionality or process and applies it to generate REAL value to the organization.

We believe that a good implementation is not only measured by the technical aspects of a working system but by the sustainable ability to meet and exceed business goals and objectives defined after the system is implemented. While an IT function is responsible for putting in place the technical building blocks of making a functioning system, the business units own the functionality, information, and responsibility for a utilized and business-effective system. As such, implementations should be inclusive of the business community.

We believe that change management is not an activity; it is an inherent quality of every process during a successful implementation. Good change management requires investment in people throughout the whole implementation process and an embedded user and management education program.

We believe the road to business improvement is through Business Maturity®, an organization’s ability to meet and exceed its business goals by leveraging technology. An organization with a high Business Maturity® rating has a proven ability to use and leverage the technology to drive change and ongoing transformation to meet its ever-evolving business goals.

At Reveal, we apply these principles and our oVo® methodology to deliver successful implementations, across a wide variety of industries that position the business to sustain their own success through utilizing the delivered system and processes.

How to make things better…

The supply chain is one of the most critical processes within an organization. At Reveal, we understand the importance of having supply chain management solutions that keep pace with ever-changing market demands. Reveal is an industry leader in aligning SAP solutions with organizational needs and implementing them.

  • External integration (EDI and Business Networks)
  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation Management
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Compliance Management
  • Serialization
  • Event Management
  • Advanced Planning and Optimization
  • User experience and mobility

How to do it differently and succeed?

Reveal has decades of experience in implementing value-added SAP solutions. Implementation projects with Reveal follow the Assess, Transform, Sustain process outlined by our oVo® Methodology.

In the Assess phase, we scope out the requirements and create a high-level solution architecture that leverages standard SAP solutions, together with a proposed roadmap, to achieve the final objective.

In the Transform phase, we plan, design, execute, validate and deliver the solution, using a combination of our practitioners and the client’s resources to ensure it functions optimally post-implementation.

In the Sustain phase, Reveal provides ongoing support where needed and on-demand. As employees with world-class SAP supply chain capabilities may be hard to find, outsourcing to Reveal becomes an attractive and viable option for companies looking for skilled support for their solutions. Our methodology extends through to sustainability of the implemented system. Since the users have a new system, they will begin transacting, but more importantly, start optimizing the business based on the optimization techniques they had learned. Ensuring that they continuously drive toward optimized inventories and improved service levels, it is crucial to support them through this process. The Reveal certification program goes beyond the transaction training. It supports the user to continuously improve their understanding of SAP and strive to increase the business value. We offer three certification programs for users.

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Benefits of a Reveal Solutions Implementation Initiative

The success of a solution is measured by its business impact! This is a big distinction because just putting the technology in it is not a success.
As the table below depicts, it is clear that there is much more to the solution than setting the transactions to work.

Business success measures

  • Service level improvements
  • Inventory optimized
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased visibility and tracking
  • Improved management decision-making
  • Increased market flexibility
  • Exception minded organization
  • Utilizing standard analysis and reporting
  • Embedded performance KPIs
  • Organizational change is complete

Technical success measures

  • System is live and working
  • Data has migrated error-free
  • User security is in place
  • Design matches business need
  • Solution is documented
  • Users are trained
  • Support is available

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