Huntsman Performance Products

Supply Chain Transformation Utilizing Reveal’s oVo Methodology

Huntsman Performance Products

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VP Supply Chain

Huntsman’s Performance Products Division is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of chemical products for consumers and industrial customers. They bring together innovation and world-leading process technologies to produce more than 2,000 components used to formulate products that enhance people’s lives. The company operates manufacturing facilities worldwide serving a wide range of chemical industries including energy, additives, agriculture, cleaning and processing chemicals.


  • Lack of end-to-end supply chain integration across processes, key functions and geographies
  • Supply and production strategies and master data not aligned
  • Very low SAP utilization and knowledge of system best practices
  • Planning outside of SAP in multiple disconnected tools
  • Frustrated employees and excessive manual work being done
  • Lack of trust in the system leading to ineffective use of MRP generated production planned orders and purchasing requisitions
  • Delayed and inaccurate data recording
  • Multiple points of promise and unclear escalation and prioritization processes
  • Lack of reliability in meeting customer demand
  • Slow and inaccurate promises to customer queries


  • Supply chain transformation utilizing Reveal’s oVo® methodology
  • Global, cross-functional education program for the core transactional supply chain roles on existing SAP functionality, reports and tools
  • Established ownership and accountability for master data management and optimization
  • Established supply chain end-to-end planning inside of SAP, integrating core processes across the organization
  • Implemented Process Aligned Teams across the business to manage daily business challenges inside of SAP
  • Established Supply Chain Planning Hubs to manage product families on a worldwide basis, forming a single point of promise to balance all demand and supply needs


  • More than 7% reduction in average inventories
  • 46% reduction in exception messages
  • 60% reduction in overdue demand and supply chain elements
  • An integrated business utilizing one system of record – SAP
  • Supply Chain Hubs providing “a single point of promise” to meet customer demands
  • Increased data accuracy, process efficiencies and user confidence leading to better decision making
  • Improved capacity and material availability accuracy
  • Demand-driven planning via MRP requirements
  • Increased analytics capability and visibility across the supply chain
  • Educated and empowered users and management team


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