Reveal seeks SAP-centric solutions and standard SAP configuration options to solve business challenges

Why does traditional support NOT work?

Every organization that runs SAP, no matter its size, has a support model for its SAP system. The traditional support model takes a passive stance, the primary goal of which is to address emergencies on daily basis, leaving very little room for guidance, growth, and application of SAP best practices.

We believe the tradition outsourced support is flawed for the following reasons:

  • Support often is just “taking orders” and “firefighting” vs. thought leadership
  • Custom development (program, reports, and transaction) is the solution of choice for support issues vs. standard SAP
  • Hourly based support encourages and further exasperates the custom development option as a preferred solution
  • Onsite consulting support FTE’s staff may be under-utilized but cost remains unchanged
  • Backlog of changes and issues continue to grow with little or no progress

We believe in an ongoing value optimization®  sustainment phase. Reveal’s Sustainment phase is designed to help organizations continue their journey to Business Maturity®. Reveal works closely with the business to develop and implement the necessary sustainment elements to ensure value optimizations and solutions remain embedded and successful. This model focuses on helping the business meet its goals and objectives, continuously improve and leverage SAP functionality that supports best practices. 

This approach promotes an increase in Business Maturity®, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Sustainment that ensures education is a key component to ensuring an increasing user adoption of SAP
  • Sustainment that challenges the organization back to standard SAP as much as possible and away from rogue (my old way) type reports and programs
  • Sustainment that fosters an ongoing innovation mindset
  • Sustainment that ensures a lower total cost of ownership for the whole organization
  • Sustainment that aligns best practice with SAP standard and organizations uniqueness
  • Sustainment where you only pay for what you use (per deliverable)

Discover how your SAP-centric organization can benefit from Reveal’s unique Sustainment program.

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