Business Guide to Contrast Today’s S&OE Environment With Tomorrow’s IBP

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
11:00 am
Sean ElliffeKristie Bane
Sean Elliffe
Kristie Bane


Many businesses overlook the transition from planning to execution, focusing instead on improving forecast quality. However, there are vast opportunities for improvement in parallel. In this webinar, we will share ideas on how to make the most of the baton pass to S&OE and drive value across your integrated functions.

Whether you refer to your process as IBP, S&OP, or SIOP, the baton pass to S&OE and the activities that occur when we transition into execution are often overlooked. Our laser-like focus on improving forecast quality often leads to a profound lack of empowerment within organizations to make improvements in all the knock-on integrated functions.

We will share ideas that demonstrate the vast opportunity for improvement in revenue enablement, inventory investment, and service levels that can be worked on in parallel with the pursuit of quality mid-to-long-term planning.


  • Stop, Start, and Continue: As we move to S/4HANA, what changes, and where is the value?
  • Pass the Baton: Highlights in the integration between S&OP and S&OE
  • Putting the Puzzle Together: How to get started and where to focus


  • Learn about the latest trends and best practices in S&OE and IBP
  • Understand how S/4 and IBP work together to drive value from planning through execution
  • Discover opportunities to improve your S&OE processes


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