The second phase of the oVo® methodology

Transform Supply Chain

The Transform Phase

The second phase of the oVo® methodology, Transform, utilizing the SAP system as a catalyst for change, it embeds knowledge, critical thinking, change management and accountability into the organization to realize sustainable financial, operational and service level benefits. Leveraging the SAP technology, implementing best practices, changing behaviors through education, reinforcement and setting targets are cornerstones in helping companies achieve a high degree of Business Maturity® with inherent sustainability.

Education is at the heart of our transformational approach. The journey for a true organizational transformation begins when the business community understands how to harness SAP in a way that drives business value. Or when the business functions understand how SAP thinks and works before tacking the implementation of a SAP module or the end-to-end S/4HANA suite.

Education is at the core of how we transform organizations. By guiding you through the Business Maturity® Continuum, we help you achieve transformational results.

The initiative's of the transformation process is focused on ongoing value identification, applying business rules to meet the business goals and leaving users with a true end-to-end understanding and enhanced user experience.  In essence a transformation that “sticks”.

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