The third phase of the oVo® methodology

Supply Chain Sustain

The Sustainment Phase

Working to sustain the benefits that have already been recognized by the oVo® methodology demands continuous improvement efforts. The Sustainment phase is designed to help organizations continue their journey to higher levels of Business Maturity® and attain greater business value from supply chain and operations.

We work closely with you to develop and implement the necessary sustainment elements to ensure value optimizations and solutions remain embedded and successful.

An organization that has achieved active sustainability has…

  • Matured to a state where the whole organization understand “SAP is a way of doing business” is THE single source of truth
  • Nurtured the ongoing learning mindset and philosophy of continuous improvement Committed to an SAP environment that continues to evolve and mature towards “as standard” as possible
  • Created an educated user, management and IT base, through ongoing education programs and certification.
  • Set new and higher targets and uses SAP as a catalyst for change to achieve these goals
  • Embraced measures to help guide process performance and human capital performance to attain Level 5 Business Maturity®

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