The first phase in the oVo® methodology

Assess Supply Chain

The Assess Phase

The Assessment phase, is a discovery and analytic phase designed to provide you with an understanding of your level of Business Maturity®.  Each assessment ensures ongoing feedback sessions to ensure alignment between the findings, system design and business expectations. At the end of each assessment, there is a comprehensive executive briefing focusing on the findings and recommendations, system and process improvement opportunities along a roadmap that will lead you to level 5 Business Maturity®.

For organizations that have been running SAP for some time and are seeking ways to increase their Business Maturity®, will require a Wellness Assessment.  Using standard SAP tools and reports, we deploy a data-centric approach to interrogate the SAP system, track down symptoms of problems and then follow through to uncover the root causes.

Those organizations that require a deep-dive assessment or review of specific SAP business processes or functionality should consider the Focused Assessment.

Organizations considering a greenfield implementation, S/4HANA migration, new SAP module/functionality, or post-implementation support, Reveal’s team uses the Scoping Assessment to develop a scoping blueprint that prepares a detailed realization roadmap.

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