Oct 19, 2022
Oct 22, 2022

Business Planning, Forecasting & S&OP - IBP

Orlando, FL

Join us in Orlando, Florida at the Business Planning, Forecasting & S&OP/IBP: Best Practices Conference. This event provides educational in-depth sessions to help you implement or improve S&OP within your organization.

Join Kristie Bane, ACPF & Steve Queenan, SouthCo

IBP Begins With Trust: Building the Culture that Marches to the Mission

One of the biggest struggles in building our Integrated Business Planning Processes is garnering the necessary trust and associated behaviors to work well across the various functions and hierarchies in our organizations and act as a cohesive team. COVID times has brought new ways of working in addition to the extreme pressures of working as a Supply Chain Professional. Our jobs, especially as leaders in the Demand Planning or Sales and Operations Planning/IBP space are very communication centric. Our ability to deliver information in a way that is context driven and consumable to our constituency is paramount to our success.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Behavioral markers of teams that are working well together, and some that are not
  • Tips for how to know your audience and deliver messages that are not returned to sender or filed away
  • Strategies on to make working well together an embedded cultural imperative
  • How to invigorate your attendees to be the participants you need for successful IBP
  • Interactive Q&A where we will share ideas across participants and facilitators


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