Oct 19, 2021
Jun 22, 2021

Business Planning Forecasting & S&OP

Orlando, FL
Business Planning Forecasting & S&OP

Join us in Orlando, FL at the Business Planning Forecasting & S&OP: Best Practices Conference. This event provides educational in-depth sessions to help you implement or improve S&OP within your organization.

One of our experts in this space, Kristie Bane will be co-presenting with a client on the following topic.

Turn Around, Don’t Drown in That Data Lake: Developing Data Driven Cultures

Data-Data-Who’s got the data?  We love data.  As practitioners in the world of Integrated Business Planning, the quest for data is pivotal to success.  However, as good stewards of fact-based decision making, we also know the importance of sussing out relevant data.  We look at correlations carefully.  We adjust our data feeds and the weight we give them with care.  We pan for gold-and continually monitor for quality.  These skills and behaviors, the ability to critically evaluate the data that is available to us, is sometimes lost when the data available outpaces our ability to consume it in smart ways.  We are literally drowning in data, and we don’t always have the opportunity to understand what it means before we are challenged to apply it.  In this session, we will discuss avenues to cultivate a strong data driven culture that values quality, transparency and relevancy over sheer depth of data.


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