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oVo Lighthouse™ – Inventory Measures

August 7, 2018 by Kelly Kuhlman

Welcome to the oVo Lighthouse™ newsletter.  We aim to provide you, the product user, with product-relevant updates and information to engage the Lighthouse community. This is an exciting time as we continue to finalize some major upgrades to the Lighthouse application. We have 3 new measures that will be included in the next support pack, and we are also currently working on the data architecture which will form the basis for future product releases.

About oVo Lighthouse™

Reveal has developed oVo Lighthouse™, an innovative supply chain analytics software tool that runs on the SAP Cloud Platform. A crucial component of the Reveal oVo® optimization program, oVo Lighthouse™ completes Reveal’s overall extended supply chain solution by providing insight and visibility into your supply chain. This tool also identifies critical factors to improve your supply chain’s overall performance.

Latest Updates

We are excited to announce the release of Support Pack 8, 9 and 10 for oVo Lighthouse™, Inventory Measures.

These support packs provide the following functionality additions:

  • Bug Fixes: Average stock turns data element length is expanded to accommodate large stock turns calculation. In addition, a runtime error is corrected when converting multiple currencies into a single currency.
  • Performance Enhancement: Enhancements have been made to the extract program to improve the performance of the daily job.

We are also thrilled to announce the release of the Support Pack for On Time in Full (OTIF) – Customer Delivery Performance – KPI.

The new support packs provide the following functionality additions:

  • Extract enhancement: In SP9 we made a change so that both completely delivered and partially delivered items are extracted for the dashboard.

Future Updates

What can you expect to see in the future?
We are working on enhancing the user experience by providing search capability on our mobile application via OData. We are also working on developing executive dashboards for the newly added OTIF KPI and developing a new production schedule attainment KPI.

Do you want to get an early sneak peek of our next release? Want to help us test our solutions before everyone else? We are establishing customer involvement groups to help us test our support packs. Be the first to see our new functionality and have a say in how your Supply Chain measures are presented. Currently, we are looking for customer involvement groups to test the following areas:

  • Dashboard for Customer OTIF delivery performance KPI
  • Production schedule attainment KPI
  • Access to data via OData

Any involvement is greatly appreciated!

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