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Unlocking the Potential of Your ERP

June 13, 2019 by Kelly Kuhlman

Jay Freeman, Principal at Reveal Interviews with Supply Chain Brain

Thank you to Supply Chain Brain for conducting an interview with Jay Freeman, Principal at Reveal, during the Gartner Executive Conference this past May.  In the interview, Jay discusses how companies who implement an ERP system often experience great pain because they have not unlocked the full potential of the system.  Most companies only use 10-20%  of their existing ERP system, mainly because of the lack of education the workers received during the implementation process. There are three main components that go into an ERP implementation; people, processes, and technology. The issue is that only the technology is focused on during implementation. The lack of attention to the people and process components causes an uneducated staff who don’t understand the full capabilities in their ERP system, leading to frustrated employees and teams that work in silos. As a result, people work outside of the ERP and use alternatives such as Excel because the data can no longer be trusted.

Watch the full interview with Jay Freeman to understand the struggles companies face when not using their ERP’s full potential, and how companies can start freeing up working capital and preparing their organizations for digital transformation.



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