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oVo® Lighthouse Certified by SAP

September 25, 2018 by Kelly Kuhlman

Data-Informed Decision-Making for the Modern Supply Chain

Powered by SAP Cloud Platform

This is an exciting time as we are finalizing some major upgrades to the product. We are excited to announce the new SAP-certified version of oVo Lighthouse™ that utilizes OData technology to retrieve data from the back-end SAP system.

We would like to proudly announce the new SAP-certified version of oVo Lighthouse™. The newly released version is delivered with pre-developed NW Gateway services to access data directly from backend SAP ERP system via a secure connection through SAP Cloud Connector, as a result eliminating the need to provide data files.

Along with a new SAP-certified version of oVo Lighthouse™, we would like to announce the availability of Production Schedule Attainment KPIs. The new KPIs measure the performance of production scheduling by comparing scheduled vs. planned vs. actual end dates for both process and production orders, providing insight into the inefficiencies of the production process for companies in a discrete manufacturing industry.

What can you expect to see in the future?

We are continuously working on improving the user experience. We are working on integrating Action Tracker and oVo® certification exam stats right into the oVo Lighthouse™, as well as defining and developing the next set of supply chain KPIs.

Do you want to get an early sneak peek of our next release? Do you know any clients that want to help us test our solutions before everyone else? We are establishing customer involvement groups to help us with pilot rollouts of new versions of the oVo Lighthouse™. They can be the first to see our new functionality and have a say in how their Supply Chain measures are presented.


oVo Lighthouse™ provides the ability to:

  • SAP Certified
  • Leverage the SAP© Cloud Platform
  • Deliver pre-developed KPIs to monitor your supply chain
  • Deliver pre-developed executive dashboard for all KPIs
  • Access comprehensive data analytics for the extended supply chain
  • Move from monitoring individual performance indicators to visualizing key performance
    areas in your supply chain
  • Work across all devices: desktop, tablet, and laptop
  • Delivered as SaaS and low cost of ownership

Metrics Broken Down Into the Following Areas:

  • Supply Chain Health
  • Supply Chain Performance
  • Customer Delivery Performance
  • Production Schedule Attainment

KPI Metrics
Measure The Success of Your Supply Chain in Steps

The Supply Chain Health metrics are used to gauge the health of the supply chain. An increase in any one of the measures indicates that some attention is required to resolve the issue. A reduction or consistently low measure shows that the supply chain is being kept consistently under control. The following are the measures that will be recorded:

  • Number of Materials
  • Number of Redlights
  • Number of Exceptions
  • Number Overdue – Supply
  • Number Overdue – Demand

The Supply Chain Performance metrics shows progress towards the objective, Inventory Optimization. The key measures used together with their interpretation are listed below:

  • Valuated Stock Value
  • Mean Valuated Stock Value
  • Dead Stock Value
  • Slow Moving Value
  • Average TtI Usage Value
  • OTIF / Schedule Attainment

The Customer Performance metric show how well an organization is meeting their delivery commitment to their customers:

  • On-Time Performance
  • Quantity Fulfillment
  • On-Time In Full Performance

The Production Schedule Attainment metrics show how the shop floor is meeting production commitment:

  • Schedule Attainment (compare plane vs schedule vs actual)
  • Orders with Planned Orders
  • Orders Completed without Confirmation

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