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Connect with Reveal at SAP-Centric EAM & SC Conference 2019

January 9, 2019 by Kelly Kuhlman

On March 17-18th Reveal will be exhibiting and presenting at this industry-leading event

SAP-Centric Supply Chain conference is a must-go-to conference for today’s technologies and strategies for supply chain, logistics, materials, inventory, and procurement. At this event, it focuses on SAP users and how to power and dominate the SAP supply chain, materials, and logistics communities. Discover best practices for implementing SAP or enhancing current initiatives while staying updated by the latest updates in the supply chain industry. Gain expertise from key influencers in business and technology through featured customer case studies from some of the largest asset-intensive companies across numerous industries.

What you’ll learn at our presentation

There will be a four-hour Pre-Conference Workshop on March 17th with some of our SAP experts at Reveal including Martin Rowan, Sean Elliffe, and David Carroll. The topic covering the workshop will be “Strategically considering S/4?  What can the business community do NOW to prepare for the impending technology change”.

“The current digital wave is an indication of how fast the market can change direction and leave many companies unprepared.  Most value chains are not geared for these radical changes, and most companies are finding that huge efforts are required within the current supply chain design to cope with the market changes and new market demands.   This unique workshop helps prepare the business community for the new technology by offering proven guidelines to reduce purchasing spend, optimize inventory, increase production capacity, improve supplier performance, reduce lead-times and increase services levels.  Not only does this prepare the business for the prospect of S/4 but the savings generated will help pay for the technology investment.  Learn how to identify practical and tangible value opportunities quickly, with tactical techniques and tools that enable you to ensure ROI within 6-12 months”.

Workshop Sessions

  • From a business perspective, what are the strategic options to consider and why: 30-minute presentation, 30-minute discussion, 15- minute Q&A, Break
  • Build a solid foundation that allows the organization to capitalize on the offerings of S/4: 30-minute presentation, 30-minute discussion, 15-minute Q&A, Break
  • Establish organizational resilience to weather the coming change: 30-minute presentation, 30-minute discussion, 15-minute Q&A, Break
  • Wrap up and Final Thoughts: 15-minutes

Additioanl Speaking Sessions

Martin Rowan, Senior Partner, and Sean Elliffe, Senior Partner at Reveal will be covering the topic of “Are you mature enough for S/4?  Greenfield or Brownfield – A business discussion on how to make the right investment decision”.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know how to measure the business maturity of the organization for S/4 and future technologies.
  • Understand the various options that exist between Greenfield and Brownfield initiatives and the impact they have on the organization.
  • Understand what can be done now to better align Demand, MRP and Supply operations to prepare the business for the digital (S/4) change while significantly improving product delivery.
  • Gain benefit and savings from maximizing the current SAP and business processes to help pay for the S/4 conversion and in doing so prepare the business for S/4.

Justin Burnett, VP PCSM, MM & WH at BP America will be speaking with Sean Elliffe, Senior Partner at Reveal on the topic of “Successfully optimizing the Supply Chain using core SAP, amidst volatile oil prices and achieving significant efficiency gains including savings 12 times the costs”.

“Find out what drove BP to leverage standard SAP technology to drive global change in its core planning and supply chain processes, how it revamped its organizational capability and transformed its supply chain to achieve significant benefits and how as a global entity it.”

Achieved significant results:

  • Optimized 80% of the active materials
  • Reduced past due elements by 40%
  • Reduced unnecessary inventory spend by $25m
  • Reduced negative days of supply by 27%
  • Reduced process inefficiency (MRP exceptions) by 41%

Key Takeaways:

  • Collaborative relationships built on respect and trust in SAP data and ensuring a single source of truth throughout the organization is key for data accuracy and trust
  • Elevating the knowledge of employees frees up time by educating the cross-functional teams to work on exceptions, rather than everything.
  • Operations, Maintenance and Supply Chain alignment aligned to maintenance schedules drive improvement with cost reductions across the end-to-end chain
  • Optimization of your current SAP and alignment between Work Management, MRP and Supply operations significantly improves operational efficiency

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Reveal takes a hands-on approach to understand the root causes of barriers to effective digital transformation and unlock more value in the SAP investment companies have already made. Success measures are mapped to KPIs, and ROI increases are both tangible and sustainable. Organizations become Intelligent  Enterprises driven by data they trust to help drive growth.

Reveal will have a booth available in the exhibit hall for all attendees to take a break from sitting and listening, to interacting with some of our top experts in supply chain management. Learn how we can help any organization transform SAP-centric supply chains.

We offer a free Self-Assessment tool to determine how well a company meets and exceeds it’s the business goal by leveraging their SAP data. This Self-Assessment can help you identify the best optimization opportunities based on the SAP investment you’ve already made.

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