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Announcing the Reveal 2016 Webinar Series

February 29, 2016 by

Supply Chain Selfie_webIf your supply chain took a “selfie,” what would it look like?

Join Reveal for an exciting monthly Webinar series, starting in March 2016 and running through November. This all-new Webinar series covers timely topics relevant to effective end-to-end supply chain management. Look forward to Reveal’s leading SCM experts discuss how to transform and optimize your organization’s supply chain. A question-and-answer period will follow each session, allowing attendees the opportunity to interact directly with the thought leader.

Sign up for the first session in the series, addressing supply chain maturity: If your supply chain took a selfie, what would it look like?

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Reveal 2016 Webinar Series Themes

March 2016 | Supply Chain Maturity
April 2016 | Sales and Operation Planning
May 2016 | Customer service: Tracking Products
June 2016 | Production Planning
July 2016 | Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
August 2016 | Procurement
September 2016 | Extended Supply Chain
October 2016 | Supply Chain Sustainability
November 2016 | Transportation and Event Management

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March 9, 2016, 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
If your supply chain took a “selfie,” what would it look like?
Speaker: Martin Rowan
Topics covered: Supply chain maturity

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After the kick-off to the series in early March 2016, anticipate an informative SCM Webinar from Reveal every third Wednesday of the month:

April 20
The business plan is aligned with the sales forecast. But can your supply meet your goals?
Speaker: Sean Elliffe
Topics covered: Forecasting, RCCP, SOP

May 18
The government is mandating you track your products from inception to customer. Are you able to do that in SAP?
Speaker: Kevin Wilson
Topics covered: Serialization, product visibility, global batch traceability

June 15
MRP thinks you have infinite capacity, but you don’t. How do you manage capacity constraints using standard SAP?
Speaker: David Carroll
Topics covered: Capacity planning, scheduling and shop floor control

July 20
Best practices to align human behavior with the business rules (dynamic MRP masterdata)
Speaker: Mike Hayes
Topics covered: Rules and behavior; exception management

August 17
When you live in a glass house …
Speaker: Stephen Smith
Topics covered: Perfect order and automation; vendor performance

September 21
How well do you communicate with your customers and suppliers?
Speaker: Jim Cameron
Topics covered: Business networks / EDI

October 19
Eureka! You have reduced inventory by 20 percent. Will it stay that way?
Speaker: Patrice Matthias
Topics covered: Analyze, measure, evaluate and adjust; organization structures and governance

November 16
So your product has left the warehouse. Where is it?
Speaker: Kevin Wilson
Topics covered: Transport management and event management

Join Reveal via Webinar from March through November 2016 and help transform your company’s supply chain. Register today for the introductory 2016 Webinar: If your supply chain took a “selfie,” what would it look like?

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